Monday, May 12, 2014

Celebrate Manitoba with a Virtual Tour: Green Screen Style

Happy Birthday Manitoba!  

Today is Manitoba Day,  we officially turn 144.  

“I strongly encourage all Manitobans to take a moment and reflect on the proud history, people and traditions of this great province,” said Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection Minister Ron Lemieux. “While the future is bright, our past is just as fascinating. I hope Manitobans will explore all the province has to offer.”

For a list of organizations celebrating Manitoba Day please follow this link Explore Manitoba

Our school at this time of the year has a  limited budget when it comes to field trips, funds are either used up or placed on hold for the end of our track season. I would have liked to have taken my students to visit some fantastic culture and taken in some historical treasure, however in order to ease my budgetary mind I decided to create a Virtual Tour of Manitoba Green Screen Style Assignment

My thought to celebrate Manitoba Day was to have students walk through Manitoba history, they would  be create a "Virtual Tour" of an  aspect of Manitoban History or Culture.  

Students will be using our classroom green screen 

to recreate the event through pictures and video and share with us through Photostory, and a web page tool such as Wix or Weebly.  This will in turn have one student go to a "location"  and have the ability to share with their classmates the event in history that transpired. 

    Students will pick a "destination"  that you want to create a field trip for.  Remember we are doing this virtually.  
    • You will pick a location or  aspect in  history that you would like to explore  (The Forks, The Manitoba Museum, Downtown corridor, Winnipeg Strike of 1919, Manitoba Women's Suffrage Movement, Louis Riel's grave,  Lower Fort Garry)
    • Make sure that I approve your choice.  
            Locate pictures / Take Pictures.

            • Students may be able to assemble enough pictures through online sources to piece together a PhotoStory.
            • Students may need to visit the location if suitable pictures aren't located online
            • Obtain permission if required to take pictures.
            • I will have a camera that you can use in the event that you do not have one.
            • Go back to your methodology when taking pictures, use different perspectives, find something captivating and that tells a story.
            • You will then assemble your pictures and create a walk through of the location inserting yourself into the location with the aide of our green screen.  
            Know Your Information.  
            • You are expected to be knowledgeable about your location. 
              • You should be able to narrate your presentation as if you are standing there, without prompting.  
              • Tell the story of your location, make it interactive and exciting to visit.  

              Assemble the pictures, narration and video on Wix or Weebly.  
              • Students are required to take all of their pictures, posing within them and narrate them using PhotoStory.
              • Your photostory will then be shared with your classmates through an engaging website created with Wix or Weebly.

              Goal / Creativity
              • Please remember your goal is to captivate your audience with you visiting the location
              • Be engaging and talk to them, not at a cue card
              • Dress up for the adventure?
              • Sell them on your passion for the adventure.  
              I will be posting links to student examples once we are complete.  

              Contact me for an assessment rubric if you are interested in joining our class on this adventure.

              Thanks for reading.