Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pick Them Up When They Fall

I am inspired to write this post after I watched the following video by P&G

I thought this video could serve as a reminder to all of us, that yes every child that sits in their desks and stares back at us looking for direction has a parent / caregiver that had them leave the house that morning with the best intentions for their day.  I know there are times as a teacher when I have been looking for the key to make a child spark, something to light the ignition of their creativity to have what I have taught them come alive with their input......and it's just not coming.  I have to dig further and further and yet for some reason it fizzles.  I become deflated as an idea fizzles and hits the metaphorical recycle bin.  This video reminds me to dig even deeper, every kid that sits in front of you is begging for someone to light that spark, to have their creative juices come alive.... to PICK THEM UP WHEN THEY FALL.  Let us all remember this when we are having one of those days where we have to dig deep.