Monday, January 6, 2014

This time it's Real!

I rarely make New Year's Resolutions, in fact I can't remember the last time I made one, however this year I have finally thrown my hat in the ring!  My goal is to follow 
#mbedchat 's  Blog Challenge

Please visit to find out more about this fantastic challenge that has gotten me inspired.  As well,  a lovely Manitoba Educator that I follow @ZBettess sent along a fantastic video to get me jump started.  The combination of the two have provided me with the confidence to go ahead and get creative.

Here is the video that fellow tweep @ZBettess recommended, let's see if it inspires some creativity in more.  Sara Bareilles "Brave".  

I have a few goals this year that I will share
  1. Maintain a bi-weekly blog in the hopes to organize my thoughts,  as well creating a repository to "sift" the technology ideas that I have for teachers into relevant  subject based categories.  I have learned so much from my fantastic PLN the past two years and have so much to share, however I need to find a convenient way to get this information out.  My blog and website are my "after the kids go to bed" evening priority, or if I can multitask really well, they will be my morning priority during my son's breakfast hockey skates :) 
  2. Time:  I am tired of saying .....I would love to do this or that but I just don't have enough TIME , in regards to implementing something different in my classroom, or helping another teacher do the my second goal is to get rid of those words from my vocabulary.  I know everyone has their limits, and my family is also my priority, however just that sentence "if I only had time"....I am going to use the zipper lips that I ask of my own children and use that on myself.  If I spent less time worrying about the little time that I had and just got down to business my time would be better spent.
  3. My twitter PLN has been a savior to me as an educator.  After I had my children and went back to work I admit I was a little lost.  My PLN has refocused my love for teaching students fantastic technology and having them be engaged in their learning.  I am a firm believer in we need to teach the way students learn, hook them through technology and their world will open up.  My goal with my twitter PLN is to maintain it, become involved and participate.  

If you would like to follow my thoughts  on twitter please feel free to follow 

I encourage you to join twitter to find the inspiration that I needed.  Please join fabulous educators on Wednesday nights for #mbedchat at 9:00 p.m.  I am usually late to the table that evening as I am at another commitment, however you can read the archives at your leisure ...and join in late...I always do :)

Please feel free to leave me comments.